Spiritual Coaching

If you would like to go deeper with your healing and/or spiritual practice, spiritual coaching / mentoring can facilitate this enormously. It can provide not only change, but transformation at a fundamental level. It is not just about reaching goals in a results-oriented fashion, which can lead to stress and burnout in the long term. Spiritual coaching can help you to become more conscious, more mindful and fully present in every situation, helping you to attain a greater and more consistent connection with the source of all life and all happiness.

I work with the spiritual principles of ‘A Course in Miracles’, which while Christian in language, is not actually connected to any religion. Rather, it is a highly effective and practical means for healing, and attaining complete peace of mind and freedom from fear. Its emphasis is on forgiveness, taking responsibility, being fully present, letting go of judgment and developing trust in your own inner strength and wisdom.